Cleopatra's Lost Tomb
Cleopatra's Lost Tomb

Dr Kathleen Martinez, criminal lawyer turned maverick archaeologist is searching for Cleopatra’s lost tomb. Evidence of Egypt’s last queen has all but vanished from history but Kathleen is using her courtroom experience to turn detective and reopen the case of Cleopatra's death.

She has a radical new vision about the real Cleopatra, the true queen behind the myth and the Hollywood glitz. But she also wants to crack the mystery of Cleopatra’s final resting place which despite centuries of searching has never been found. . Scholars believe that Cleopatra was buried in ancient Alexandria, in her old city which sank beneath the waves more than a thousand years ago. But Kathleen has a controversial new theory on the location of her tomb and it flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

Kathleen's obsession has led her to an overlooked temple site called Taposiris Magna 40 km west of modern day Alexandria. Previous archaeological teams have dug there and found little of interest. But this self- taught amateur, dismissed by the establishment is proving her critics wrong by unearthing stunning artefacts, a mysterious network of underground tunnels and even a vast city of the dead to rival the Valley of the Kings. All of her finds are dated to time of the Ptolemaic dynasty, Cleopatra's infamous family line.

Now in 2015, Kathleen has made her biggest breakthrough so far, a mysterious 35 metres deep shaft that has all the hallmarks of a royal burial shaft. Could Kathleen be closing in on Cleopatra's final resting place? If she is right, Kathleen will have solved one of Egyptology’s greatest mysteries and established herself as the most important archaeologist in history.

Cleopatra's Lost Tomb airs Sunday 4th October on Channel 4.