Driving Wild
Driving Wild

Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestly was one of McLaren Racing’s top mechanics, helping them become Formula 1 world champions.

Now, he wants a new challenge.  He’s going back to basics, taking his F1 know-how to the some of the  most extraordinary amateur motorsports on the planet, helping them build unique vehicles, putting himself and his  modified motors to the ultimate test, out on the track.

Elvis can build any car – from a Mexican lowrider to a Swedish folkcar  to a giant racing tractor, which was originally found rusting an English country yard.  The challenges are daunting.  Money is limited.  Time is short.  Spare parts are hard to come by.   And learning the rules of a totally unique car sport is a major obstacle.

Taking on the top crews in Sweden, Britain, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand and Cuba, this is motorsport in the raw as Evlis gets his hands dirty alongside fellow automotive enthusiasts in their workshops and garages, helping create, build and customize a one-of-a-kind vehicle as they prepare for each unique motoring challenge.

Will Elvis falter at the starting line, or can he live up to his reputation in the motorsport world?

Driving Wild starts Monday 6th June at 8pm on the Discovery Channel.