Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital
Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital

With an unprecedented scale of institutional access, ‘Inside Birmingham Children’s Hospital’ is a brand new series exploring modern day parenting through just some of the 270,000 patient visits to the hospital over the course of a year.

It follows children and their families on their journeys through 34 specialist departments and further afield into their homes across Britain. With intimate long-form access to households across a vast spectrum of contemporary British society, the series discovers parental hopes and fears that are truly universal.

Using the latest in mobile and fixed technology the series takes viewers into the drama of a Children’s Emergency Department, to the bedsides of one of the largest intensive care units in Europe and through life-changing surgery; all set against conversations round the dinner table at home and the fraught, funny and familiar family car journeys to and from the hospital.

Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital begins Thursday 9th June from 9pm on Channel 4.